Rap Legal Style

Yo, yo, listen up, I got something to say
Legal matters, laws and regulations, come what may
Let’s talk about Kevlar vests and Canada today
Are Kevlar vests legal in Canada, what does the law say?

For those who wanna learn, expand their brain
Take some labour law courses in South Africa, avoid the strain
International commercial law, masters level, yeah that’s the aim
Study international commercial law masters, and elevate your game

Contracts, contracts, all around, for business and all
Learn about contract management contracts, stand tall
Gun laws in NC, passed just the other day
Read up, get informed, on new gun law passed in NC, don’t just sway

Business etiquette, oh so key, for success in every way
Master the art, get tips on business etiquette, and have a good day
Check the tint on your windows, don’t get in a rut
Is 20 tint legal in Utah, don’t get caught up

For those who want to know, about trust in the legal game
Learn the constructive trust legal definition, earn some fame
Legal documents, power of attorney, all in state
Get a free durable power of attorney form in Washington state, don’t wait

And for all my riders, on the Texas roads so vast
Understand the Texas 49cc scooter laws, have a blast
With this legal rap, I drop the mic, it’s been a blast
Legal matters, laws, and regulations, are just so vast