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Motel Management

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There are a myriad of motels operating throughout Australia. No matter what their style, size, or location their main aim is to provide accommodation to their guests and in return run a profitable business. However, motel management is a broad term. For example, a motel manager in a large resort or metro area role may include managing the reception, maintenance, and housekeeping teams whereas in a small to medium motels (SMM) that are owner, lessee or manager operated they do not have or require such large teams and therefore the managers role is extremely hands on. During this training you will learn all facets of motel operations and management in a SMM where you require knowledge and skills in the following 7 key areas including:

  • Reception
  • Administration (includes online training using 2 Front Office Systems – Guestpoint and Satin)
  • Room maintenance and housekeeping
  • Team management
  • Ordering and stock take
  • Preparation of meals
  • Grounds and pool maintenance

To add further depth and understanding of the importance of these learnings there is also three 1-hour online coaching and mentoring sessions to be undertaken at key times and of course at mutually agreed times. Finally, we consider another essential step is to assist you in organising work experience in a ‘live’ motel where you will learn to apply your theoretical skills and just as importantly build your confidence (it is suggested that you undertake work experience for a minimum of at least 7 days, but 14 days is recommended). On successful completion of this course, and on gaining all the required licenses and certificates, you will be able to register with various contractors who can assist you to seek contract work within the motel industry whether it is for permanent or relief work. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Course Benefits
  • N Learn all the requirements, processes and procedures of managing a motel in this hands on training with ongoing mentoring and coaching. The course covers all facets of motel operations and management in 7 key areas and is crafted to meet your individual needs as well as considering your existing knowledge and skills.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course

  • A Warm Welcome
  • First up lets consider:

1. Motel Operations
Motels can be operated by various stakeholders. It is important to understand who these stakeholders are, their role and what their relationship is to each other. This in turn will assist you to understand who you answer to in your role as motel manager.

2. Expectations
In this topic we discuss what expectations are and how they may effect our emotions and then in turn our relationships. It must be noted that there are a myriad of expectations as a motel manager due to the large number of stakeholders we work with. These stakeholders include owners/managers/lessees, existing motel teams including housekeepers, receptionists as well as possible maintenance assistants or gardeners, contractors and suppliers. And last but not least lets not forget the most important stakeholders of all - our guests! Because without them we would not be a motel manager!

3. Required qualifications and licences of a motel manager
Apart from successfully undertaking this training program to be a savvy and a professional motel manager there are certain qualifications, certificates and licences you will require

4. Universal motel procedures in a nutshell
When managing a motel there are various universal operating procedures that are undertaken on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even ad hoc basis. It is important to note that how these procedures are undertaken maybe different from motel to motel. However, it is your knowledge and understanding of these procedures that will assist you to quickly develop a routine that suits the operation of a motel. Rule of Thumb: As a relief manager we undertake the universal procedures as the owner/lessee has requested/advised. We do not change a procedure even if we think/know a better method to do so.

5. Daily routine of a motel manager
The daily routine of a motel manager will be made up of the universal procedures discussed in Topic 4. The universal procedures are summarised in this topic however for the step by step process please refer to Topic 6

6. Daily motel procedures
This topic looks at each motel management procedure in depth and gives a step by step process to follow

7. Required attributes of motel managers
Our Guests Come First – ALWAYS! Remember YOU are the first point of contact for the guest and ‘first impressions’ are critical. This unit discusses how we ensure that the ‘first impression’ is the best impression.

8. Ability to manage conflict and negotiate
From time to time there will be guests who are unhappy and/or dissatisfied with their accommodation, services and/or customer service. As a manager it is our role to assist in ‘turning their experience around.’ Conflict management and negotiation skills are key when dealing with unhappy guests.

9. Food, safety and sanitation requirements
It is a requirement of your role as motel manager to undertake a certified Food Safety course as you will be responsible for preparing food for your guests. This is because everyone handling food in a motel is responsible in ensuring it is managed in a safe manner not just the manager, lessee, or chef. All motels are different so you maybe required to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner or all three (3) It is important that food safety is always adhered to. It should be noted food that has enough bacteria to cause food poisoning will often smell, taste, and look normal. Scary but true! The following unit is a summary of some of your key learnings from the certified Food Safety course as a refresher.

10. Preparation of meals
It is essential that everyone learn the breakfast cooking basics. It should be noted that even when working as a management couple both parties learn these breakfast basics however you will find that as a partnership one of the partners will naturally take the lead. Maybe that key person will want to be alone in the kitchen or maybe they will want the other partner to assist in the kitchen or just deliver the breakfasts. Time will tell.

11. Grounds and pool maintenance
Well-maintained gardens and lawns add street appeal to a motel. For the guest this speaks volumes about the care the owners/managers have for the motel and assists in setting a positive mood from pulling into the driveway. Remember first impressions count!

12. The big picture and useful management tips

13. Work, health and safety knowledge and skills
Safety in the workplace is paramount. This topic considers what work, health and safety knowledge and skills will assist in keeping yourself, your colleagues, team and visitors safe in the motel you are working in

14. Is this the end or the beginning?
This is the last 'official' unit of the training so lets take this opportunity to reveiw what we have learned and discussed thus far

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Dianne Collie
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The way to get into Motel Management
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Great stuff

Material Includes

  • N Motel management manual excerpt and videos.
  • N Forms for use within the training and as tools whilst motelling.
  • N 8 hours coaching and mentoring.
  • N 3 hours online training using Guestpoint and Satin.
  • N 24/7 lifetime ongoing support.
This course is full right now. We limit the number of students to create an optimized and productive group dynamic.


  • N It is a requirement of this course to complete all units within 12 months of the commencement date including the front office management training, coaching and mentoring.
  • N The first online coaching session will be organised on completion of unit 3.

Target Audience

  • N Suitable for anybody wanting to enter the moteling industry including receptionists, relief, and permanent managers.