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BWH Motel Management Know How

24 hours

Course Information

There are a myriad of Best Western Hotels (BWH) operating throughout Australia.

Owners and lessees of BWH motels have the independence of running their own business however reap the benefits of being part of a large hotel chain including:

  • A global brand which is both known and trusted by people all around the world
  • Access to a worldwide consumer pool and a worldwide booking channel
  • Powerful connections and reliable back-up support service all the time
  • Dedicated sales team that actively brings new government and corporate business
  • Access to marketing programs with a dedicated Marketing Manager

Motelsos.com is asked frequently why undertake training prior to managing, leasing and/or owning a motel. Why not just train when you get there?

This is our reply, we don’t train our participants rather we enlighten, make them ready, and prep them to be savvy, confident motel operators.

During this program you will explore all facets of motel operations and management in a small to medium size motel where you are the motel manager, garden, pool and maintenance manager, administration manager, oh and don’t forget the customer services manager

The key areas of this dare we say it? training program include the following key areas:

  • BWH vision, mission and ‘Because we Care’ program
  • Reception
  • Administration, guest reviews, OTA, online and corporate bookings
  • OTA reconciliations
  • Use of the Protel Air Property Management System and financial reconciliations
  • Room maintenance and housekeeping
  • Team management
  • Ordering and stock take
  • Preparation of meals
  • Grounds and pool maintenance

To add further depth and understanding of the importance of these learnings there is regular online coaching and mentoring sessions.

On successful completion of this course, and on gaining all the required licenses and certificates, you will be able to register to work with BWH through out Australia as well as other contractors.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Course Curriculum


  • A Warm Welcome
  • Vision Statement
  • What is BWH Vision?
  • Upholding the BWH vision as a motel manager
  • Mission statement
  • What is BWH mission?
  • ‘Because We Care’

1. Motel Operators

Expectations, relationships and working within a global team

3. Required qualifications and licences of a motel manager
Apart from successfully undertaking this training program to be a savvy and a professional motel manager there are certain qualifications, certificates and licences you will require

Best Western Hotels

Universal motel procedures

Daily BWH Motel Procedures

Required attributes of motel managers

Ability to manage conflict and negotiate

Food, safety and sanitation requirements

Preparation of meals

Grounds and pool maintenance


Work, health and safety knowledge and skills

Is this the end or the beginning?
This is the last 'official' unit of the training so lets take this opportunity to reveiw what we have learned and discussed thus far

A Course by

Dianne Collie
Dianne Collie
Course Author and Instructor

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Material Includes

  • N Motel management manual excerpt and videos.
  • N Forms for use within the training and as tools whilst motelling.
  • N 8 hours coaching and mentoring.
  • N 8 hours online training using Protel Air Property Management System
  • N 24/7 lifetime ongoing support.
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  • N It is a requirement of this course to complete all units within 12 months of the commencement date including the front office management training, coaching and mentoring.
  • N The first online coaching session will be organised on completion of unit 3.

Target Audience

  • N Suitable for anybody wanting to own, operate or work in BWH motel management.